Baked beans – interesting facts

Baked beans is probably the most favorite meal in whole planet. There are thousands and thousands different recipes how to make a perfect baked beans. If you are one of the baked beans funs here are some interesting facts you should know.

- Baked beans is counting as vegetable serve. One cup of baked beans is the same as 1.5 serves of other vegetables.

- Baked beans contain lots of energy, low glycaemic index carbohydrates

- A cup of baked beans is a huge source of protein. In one cup of baked beans there is more than 10 grams of protein,  this is the same amount like in 50 gram steak or six eggs

- In one cup of a baked beans there are 2 grams of fibers that’s the same amount as it in eight large slices of multigrain bread, same amount as it in 3 cups of toasted muesli and same amount as it in 4 medium unpeeled green apples.

- People are eating baked beans allover the globe. Different versions of baked beans you can find everywhere from Europe to United States.

- In one cup of a baked beans there is lots of energy, about 900 kilojoules, that’s a bit less than 10% of daily energy that average person need.

- Baked beans has very low percent in fat, approximately  less than 1%. In one cup of a baked beans there are less than two grams of fat. Percent of saturated fats is very low. Since the beans is a vegetable there is no cholesterol.

- When you are looking for baked beans recipes you will notice that most of them are having tomato in some form. Because of this baked beans is a great source of the antioxidant lycopene.

- One more thing about baked beans is that it contains folate. Folate is a vitamin, it’s essential because it release the energy in the food we eat. In one cup of a baked beans there is more than 25% of the daily requirement one average person need

- People don’t have necessary digestive enzymes for some of the carbohydrates. This include raffinose that’s found in dried beans and legumes. Micro-flora in our gut breaks down this carbohydrate and as byproduct we produce gas. Nevertheless already mentioned raffinose can be reduced. How? You should soaked your beans over the night before you prepare it for eat. This water is not usable any more, you should pour it out.

These numbers are very interesting but there is only one problem with them. In a most recipes, beside beans and tomato, there is always some kind of meat usually a pork meat. Using pork or any other meat will make your meal less healthy but in the same time it will make it so much tastier. Baked beans is a perfect meal, you can it alone or you can put some extra meat beside with a nice cold salad and cold beverage.

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